7 Jun 2016



Fruit fashion is popular with fashion designers in the last years. Probably you remember how prints of cherries, strawberries, bananas and pineapples embellished dresses, skirts, T-shirts, bags, swimsuits and anything else. While those fruits make reference to a more naive fashion, this year the catwalks are bursting out with fruits that feel definitely more refreshing and feminine – lemons and watermelons.  



The succulent citrus fruit shining like the sun became a raging trend this summer, adorning both the garments of stars and women buying from street shops. Originally the lemon inspiration started with the designers of Dolce and Gabbana and that was enough to breathe a new life to the fruit of summer, to the extent that it literally invaded the collections of the fashion dictators. Flirty corsets, flounced mini and maxi skirts, sundresses, bags, espadrille flats, earrings and scarves – all they share pictorial reproductions of lemon fruits, leaves or blossoms.



This year the pink makes a triumphant return to stay all year long. The candy color was seen on the runways and designers gave it a huge come back in their collection both fall/winter and spring/summer. We had envisioned this trend back in the summer of 2015 with our collection tribute to the Japanese sakuras. This year we upgrade the trend adding a prominent representative of the fruit sector – the juicy watermelon. It arrives with a breezy feel while shying away from the trite and naïve fruit prints.


This summer will be dominated by fruit prints and while it may sound nonsensical, we believe that even the most skeptical and pattern-shy individuals can get behind the new prints with lemons and watermelons. They are fun, colorful and perfect for warmer weather. In our SS ’16 collection you will see how lemons and watermelons upgrade our fascination with the Mediterranean heritage – the ceramics. This way we provide a context to the lemon and watermelon prints which attracts with classy background and stylish look. The new ceramics print you can see on tanks, tunics, Bermuda shorts, leggings, T-shits, dresses and even headbands.

Our summer fruit printed designs are appropriate for the life in the city – go to a restaurant, go shopping or to the cinema; for vacation time around the pool or at the beach; or party time.  There is no need to consider the nuance of yellow or pink because our designs come in two versions – white and black background so that to match any tan perfectly.


Our summer collection is bountiful and offers plenty of choice, while we stick to our boutique production quantities to guarantee the originality of your look. Therefore, make your chic pick now. CLICK HERE to meet collection Ceramics.