About us

About us

Ever since its establishment on November 29, 2011 our fashion brand 29DESIRES has been driven by the vision of creating exclusive and luxurious evening and smart-casual apparel that matches the dynamic and demanding lifestyle of modern, fashion-conscious urban women.

The close relationship we’ve built with our clients gives us invaluable insights of the day-to-day challenges they face when it comes to making smart fashion choices. They desire to look outstanding but the general lack of enough shopping time to carefully pick the right items and style them accordingly often renders their experience quite exhausting.

It is our firm belief that shopping should not be a burdensome process – to the contrary – it should be fun! And that’s where 29DESIRES’ “total look” solution comes into play. Each of our signature, carefully curated collections is developed around a proprietary vivid print and features fashion-forward garments with perfect fit that are designed to mix and match with ease. What our clients simply love about this approach is that they can shop a complete outfit and have it delivered to their door with just a few clicks in the comfort of their own desktop or mobile device – effortless and without wasting valuable time.

Unlike other ready-to-wear brands primarily focused on quantity, we are focused on immaculate quality. In order to safeguard it we employ a boutique production model which means that all our pieces are produced in a small, traditional couture atelier. All our garments come in limited series to ensure a truly exclusive look for our clients – a very important feature of the shopping experience we offer. Our production process – from design to packaging – is 100% EU-locked.

Today 29DESIRES is a recognized online retailer and a designer fashion leader in Bulgaria, with a strong international following. Our stylish community includes women with great taste and high standards as well as a lot of celebrity fans – popular actresses, singers, TV presenters and models. Join us and let us be your next fashion crush!