12 Sep 2016



Stripes –  the fashionable graphic motif is coming back as a raging trend. Horizontal and vertical the stripes are arriving in high tides this fall. Stripes have invaded the collections of the designers Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera and Dolce & Gabbana. Monochrome, colorful, straight, asymmetric and wider by default this season, the stripes have flooded the catwalks across the world.


To make you a fashion-forward lady is number one goal for us. That is why we continue the tradition to integrate hot trends into our collections. We tried to apply just the right harmony of color, width and shape in our interpretation of the striped print. We consider that the vertical stripes make a great choice for a classic chic look. Unlike the horizontal stripes that enhance the hourglass-like feel of the figure, the vertical ones make the silhouette look slimmer and taller. We do plan how to design the print so that to exude the best of your figure and not to tell the small imperfections. As you will notice the designer dresses, skirts, pants and tops of 29Desires apply the best graphic trend practice.


Stripes make a very practical choice for every occasion. They have always been preferred for the business attire because they add a chic touch. At the same time they make a great choice for casual attire due to the simplicity and elegance they add to the look. Don’t think, however, that our striped prints are banal-ridden and you will remain invisible wearing them. Being design revolutionaries, we love to transform fashion norms and for this reason we propose to your attention not one but two out of the standard collections with stripes for the fall season.


On the one hand you will see collection STRIPES AND ORCHIDS. It combines femininity and grace, a traditionally sought symbiosis in our prints. The collection offers sleek designer pants, tops with beautiful cutouts and vertically striped dresses in the company of watercolor-like orchids. The prints are harmonious, far from cliché, just the way the woman wearing 29Desires wants her designer wear.

On the other hand stands the bold and beautiful collection FAIRYTALE. It positions the in-vogue graphic motif in the enchanting lavishness of the Medieval Ages: royal elements, ornate skeleton keys, ball room elements and metallic carriages can turn every woman into queen. We promise you will not be overwhelmed with these prints, because nothing seems redundant there. They are not profuse or showy; they are statement of your beauty and your royal personality. We are sure you would notice the immaculate tailoring of the designer blazers and the lightweight oversized coat. You will most probably fall in love with the generous cut of the tunic appliqued with Queen Lioness at front and the basic tops embellished with carriages print which perfectly complete the matching pieces of the collection. The designer dress as usual presents the trend in full bloom and makes a perfect party wear choice even if the party is not taking place in a palace.

Regardless of the fact whether you prefer elegant business style attire or you love to demonstrate your royal finesse, you will be different, unique and impressive everywhere you go. This cannot cause any harm, so CLICK HERE to meet collection STRIPES AND ORCHIDS and collection FAIRYTALE.