19 Apr 2017



We should admit that the clients of 29DESIRES are amidst the most demanding ladies, we have communicated with. You hardly accept mediocrity in style and at the same time you are always in a hurry to meet the multiple tasks in your daily lives. So by the time we were designing the concept for 29DESIRES 5 years ago our only thought was – how can we help the woman have an outstanding look in no time at all? Dressing in a unique way excludes the fast fashion options and requires a lot of shopping time to carefully pick the right items and style them accordingly. That is why we decided to create an online retailer for designer fashion that offers exclusive and luxurious evening and smart-casual apparel, delivered to your door with just a few clicks in the comfort of your own desktop or mobile device.

And since our client very much reminds of the profile of Carrie Bradshaw – busy and stylish urban woman, today we have the pleasure to present to you a collection of pieces, accessible not only to this iconic New Yorker. We drew inspiration from the ladies who have demonstrated craft, style and confidence since Antiquity up to present. You will notice that our proprietary print design is dedicated to Athena – the goddess of wisdom and craft, patron of heroic endeavor. Among the new styles you will discover the emblematic tulle tutu skirt which transformed Carrie Bradshaw into fashion icon for past and future generations.

You will notice some relaxed tunics, tops and trousers for maximum comfort in your daily life. We remained true to the small designer dress with signature print design which makes you look slimmer and outstanding among others.

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From the brand which makes your desires come true!