29 May 2018

Sofia Fashion Week


Sofia Fashion Week

The 2018 Spring/Summer fashion week show of Sofia happened at the end of March. On the very first evening of the show, along with the foreign and permanent brands, 29DESIRES could stand out from the crowd with exceptional looks and proprietary styles.

Numerous Bulgarian celebrities were on the catwalk to support the brand like the famous reality celebrity - Zlatka Dimitrova, the rising and very popular young singer Tita, Miss Bulgaria 2013 – Velina Uzunova, as well as the exotic beauty Mariam Said, Sofia Marovska and many others.

The stakes were high on this show and the brand bets on colorful print designs and proprietary styles which provoked the audience and imprinted in their memories.

Besides the rich range of styles for every single occasion you can think of – from pencil skirts, slim-fit pants, generous relaxed tunics and elongated back shirts to evening gowns and sexy little dresses all perfectly matching with proper coverups, 29DESIRES could reinforce its vision of the trends in the fashion industry just like advanced brands do it seeing the future.

In the previous fashion week show, we could demonstrate our knack for foreseeing the fashion trends by overtaking established brands like GUCCI and VERSACE and presenting collections whose elements, design prints and ideas were created by a single creative team.


This year we picked to accentuate some contemporary inspirations – animal skin prints and colorful floral print designs all bringing the feeling of a romance with a lady vamp.

A great compliment to the brand paid the invitation of a top blogger who wrote about the presentation of the brand on the catwalk and added fabulous pictures of the show featuring our designer dresses.


Luxe fabrics which waved back and forth with every move of the models recreated the feeling of a fresh breeze coming from the flight of a flock of butterflies. The broad palette of colors and fabrics attracted even the most demanding among spectators who were fast to pledge their orders on the boutique wear presented by the brand.


The culmination of the show was the new niche presented by the brand – beachwear. The gorgeous and very stylish one-piece swimsuits were applauded by the ladies who attended the show. They were demonstrated with matching beach towels and luxury designer purses to carry your swimsuit in your luggage. To make your look complete the brand has created beautiful lace-adorned dresses and tunics to match with your preferred swimsuit and become a showstopper wherever you appear.


29DESIRES is already a permanent participant in those seasonal fashion shows and it is yet to impress and inspire its followers with the latest and coming trends. Let us care for your art wear!