29 May 2018




Every one of us is dreaming of a summer full of exotic sensations and luxury, beauty and unforgettable memories.

With the advance of the hot season besides the booking for the vacation we have to consider also our style for the beach and hot evenings. Knowing that 29DESIRES bet on the most inspiring collection ever up to now.

To keep pace with the ever increasing expectations of our clients as well as the fashion trends, we have worked out a different, fresh and beautiful collection which might allure the contemporary woman. A feeling of extraordinary lux and exotic setting, created by one of the most tempting nooks of the Black See – Royal Castle Design, accompanies the presentation of the new styles of the brand.

In the designer castle the beautiful reality celebrity of Bulgaria – Zlatka Dimitrova literally quaked and elevated to unseeing heights our vision of harmonious body and looks which will move every spectator.


This collection of the brand focuses on fresh print designs, beautiful fabrics like silk and cotton, as well as romantic styles which can allure even the more demanding ladies to dress up for a summer evening out or go out to the beach and stroll along it.


The new styles of designer cocktail dresses can transform every woman into a woman of high standards and visible presence. The proprietary print designs of the brand are about to compete on equal grounds with those of established world-known brands like Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Delicate laces and gentle fabrics have a perfect touch to the body and look like a second skin.


Besides by the evening dresses in the collection of 29DESIRES, one might be attracted strongly by the casual long summer dresses which can bring you out to make a stroll along the beach or around the vacation place. Fine meshes and perforated fabrics deliver the sensations of relaxation and comfort, as well as perfect fit. Silhouette-shaping dresses can exude femininity to the full.

Equally alluring are the boyfriend pants and jeans which are seasonal staples. Soft fabrics, fresh colors and prints enhance the elevated feeling of the collection. Floral prints, delicate glossy tops, one-toned or printed shorts and pastel color-coordinated styles can balance any well-edited summer wardrobe. Add the perfect accessory to complete your look.


We are sure you can set your imagination free to a distant land of fantasy and take inspiration from the amazing outfits provided for the beach and summer by our creative team. A compliment to you is the fancy line of swimsuits which come packaged in a designer purse Lux Me to carry them in your luggage. To make the most of your beach look, pick a matching beach towel, tunic or dress and become a showstopper wherever you go.